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Los Angeles Photographer - Weddings, Headshots, Commercial & Video

Welcome to LAPhotoPro.com. This web site will give you the opportunity to see my portfolio of my professional photography and video services in Los Angeles (Pasadena), Orange County, Santa Barbara and San Diego areas. I primarily shoot photojournalistic weddings, engagements and headshots. I will also shoot a more formal style of wedding at the clients’ request. The above links will allow you to navigate to the different photo and video galleries on my site and also allow you to view my bio, resource pages with lots of different articles on photography and weddings, and my contact page. Under the photography link you'll find individual galleries to 'Weddings', where you can see images of many of the weddings I've shot, 'Wedding Details', where you'll find photos of the details, 'Engagement' where you'll see my engagement photos, 'Portraits & Headshots', where you'll find photos of many of the aspiring actors I've shot, 'Performance', where you'll see live band and dance photos and 'Other' where you'll see photos of stuff I've shot for fun. You'll also find some testimonials from the brides and grooms that I've worked with over the years and information on Los Angeles wedding locations and Los Angeles reception locations. If it’s your first time here I would recommend that you view the galleries using the above links to see the images of my portfolio and then check out the other pages under the resources link.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have.  I love photography and working with people, so shooting weddings and headshots here in Los Angeles is the perfect career for me. If you are concerned with the care and quality of photos and video that will be taken for you, but still want a reasonable price you’ve come to the right place.  I tend to find myself caring more about the photos I take for people than the people care about their photos themselves.  Thank you for visiting my site.

Don Ptashne
Los Angeles Photographer


























Below you'll find some of the photos from my portfolio along with some testimonials that people have sent me over the years. The testimonials don't always relate to the photo that they are next to. You'll find random notes on the photos like how they were taken and the Los Angeles wedding or headshot location where they were taken. If you're a photographer or you find this sort of thing interesting feel free to continue reading below, otherwise, I would recommend that you start by viewing my portfolio above.

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Los Angeles Photographer

los angeles wedding rolls royce bride and groom kiss
This photo to the left was taken in Hollywood, California. It shows the reflection of an embrace of the bride and groom before their wedding day. While this photo is not photojournalistic, it does give the appearance of a candid type of shot. As a Los Angeles wedding photographer my goal is to snap as many fantastic photos of you on your special day as possible. This photo is an example of a more detail oriented shot, which complements the real photojournalism photography that I take as well. In the end a shot like this is sure to wow your friends and family when seen in the context of a full wedding album.

Dear Don,

I absolutely had to write you to express how absolutely grateful myself and Rick our with the fantastic photos you took at our wedding. Words simple cannot express our sheer amazement with your work. You are a profession in the truest sense and were an absolute pleasure to have on our wedding day. I look forward to seeing you again at some of my bridesmaids weddings. They have all already told me they are going to book you for their weddings as well! You are awesome! Again, with heartfelt gratitude, I say thank you.


The Romano's
Los Angeles

wedding photo taken in brazil at the iguazu falls
This photo was taken in Brazil at the most beautiful of all places in the world, the Iguazu Falls. Yep it's even more beautiful than Los Angeles. Since I'm mostly a Los Angeles wedding photographer, flying out to Brazil was an enormous treat that I'll never forget. Off to the left of this picture is the main part of the water fall which is so massive it creates a constant 15 to 20mph breeze that flows in the same direction as the river. This made for an incredibly dramatic effect in the brides veil as you can see. Los Angeles wedding photography never had it so good. I can certainly see the appeal for wedding photographers to become destination wedding photographers. You'll notice that there are no tourists in this photo. That's because we went to the falls when this section was considered closed so nobody went. As it turns out there was nobody stopping us from going there to make this insane photoshoot.

Dear Don,

How happy am I that we chose you to be our photographer and video person? Really happy! We looked at several Los Angeles photographers and video people and decided to go with you because of your reputation as being super professional and really nice. I have to say you definitely live up to your reputation my friend. You have a quite a way with you cameras of yours. It was quite a treat to have you at our wedding in Beverly Hills and you can count on us referring you to our friends in the coming months and years. If you ever need anything from us please just holler! It's great to know that their are photographers or people for that matter out their like you. I know none of my friends got anywhere near as much as we did for the money as well.

Thanks again!

T. Hilton
Beverly Hills

Bride looks out the window before her wedding photography really begins
This is a great shot of one of the brides I worked with last year in Hollywood. We happened to be at this house with lots of different areas of really unique lighting and decor. This full size window worked well for the more traditional bride looking out the window shot that this bride wanted. I turned the photo black and white while leaving the flowers in full color to show some unique contrast against her wedding dress. Being in my hometown of Los Angeles was real plus as far as the travel went for this wedding. Not like the above photo which was not taken in the United States. The bride is carefully holding the curtains back as if to sneak a quick spy shot of what her friends or family might be up to. Perhaps she could even be spying on the groom.

Dear Fab Photographer!

Oh my god! We were so taken a back by the photos you took. Really! And the slide show you did literally brought the whole family to tears and the wedding video was just stunning! We could not be happier and I wanted to write to you to express this. Hiring you to shoot our wedding was the best choice we made as far as wedding vendors. Lord knows the caterer we hired could have used some improvement. But that's another story Our sweet Los Angeles wedding location worked out too I must say, although quite a drive for us! You were great! My husband and I well cherish these photos forever! Thanks to you, we now have memories from our wedding that neither of us even got a chance to see...

J. Stillman
Los Angeles

Bride and groom pose for a standard formal shot in Los Angeles
Here is a more traditional wedding photo of the bride holding her bouquet and the groom squeezing in tight for the shot. This wedding took place in Long Beach near the Queen Mary. The weather was perfect for the outdoor ceremony these two had. I came away from this wedding with many great images. Many of which I still use in my wedding portfolio. For this image I just increased the saturation a bit to make the colors really bite and added a slight vignette to distract the background an bring the attention of the eyes to the center of the shot. The flowers in back add a nice highlight to the background without being a distraction. The wall in the back need to be blacked out a bit.


Thanks for the amazing photos & video. You really captured the day like I was hoping you would. I'm very glad that we decided to use you for both the photography and video. I love the way you incorporated some of the photos you took into the video! What a great way to see exactly when the original photos were taken. Best to you Don.

Jeannine K.
Long Beach

Bridesmaid hams it up for the camera in a photojounalistic style
Here we have one of my favorite bridesmaids photos. This was from a wedding I shot in the Los Angeles area. One of the things I try to do as a Los Angeles photographer is be really easy and natural with my clients and their friends and family. I realize that they are not professional models or actors, so if I keep it light and fun everyone loosens up and we walk away with some fantastic images. Here we have a bridesmaid just being as sassy as she wants to be with her bouquet and the rest of the girls blurred out and having fun in the background. As a photographer in Los Angeles I can say that this is photography at it's most fun. This is the reason I got into wedding photography. When everyone is having a good time and the photos are coming out great, life at that moment is good.


You're the bomb! Wow man, kick ass wedding photos dude. My wife and I are really pleased. We bring our wedding album with us now wherever we go. All of our friends who have already gotten married are a bit jealous when the see the kick ass photos we got compared to what they ended up with on their wedding day. The wedding video was awesome too. Anyway man, take care and hope to cross paths with you again in the future.


Josh Z.
Los Angeles

Little flower girl reaches for a butterfly at a los angeles wedding
Los Angeles wedding photographer Hector Perez took this photo. He is one of my candid men so to speak. He's an incredible wedding photographer that happens to be really good at capturing the moment. Here he caught this young flower girl reaching to grab a hold of a beautiful Monarch butterfly. This couple had a butterfly release and a few of them stuck around after they were released. This is quite common actually. This one tried to make this flower arrangement it's home. With this photograph I again removed the color around most of the image and left color on the flowers and butterfly to immediately draw your eye in towards the action, which is really the heart of this photo. This is from another Los Angeles wedding location, I can't remember exactly where off hand.

by email...

Great job Don. We really liked the photos and video you took at both our engagement and wedding. You have such a talent with your photography. Unfortunately for me it rained on my wedding day, but I managed to maintain my smile and you managed to still take great photos. I don't know how you do it.


Vanessa W.

Bride gets her groove on before her wedding day and has great time all the while
Back again to this Long Beach wedding location. Here the bride is really just having a great time with her bridesmaids and the groomsmen looking on. This is a great photojournalistic shot if I do say so myself. It really captures the essence of her happiness on her wedding day and shows the joy in her face as she scurries around in her wedding dress. This is pure photojournalism, not that there is anything wrong with set up photojournalism. I like this photo because it has a sense of spontaneity and action at the same time. Her little foot poking through is kind of cute too. This was a great Long Beach Wedding. I would love to shoot more there.

Fabulous Don!

You are a truly gifted photographer/video guy. Thank you for all your help with my wedding and for taking such great photos and being patient with me during all the stress! I appreciate it.

Take care,

R. Katrina

Groomsmen and bridesmaids enjoy the trip to the reception in their limosine
Los Angeles limousine ride. I like to ride with the bridal party to the reception when I can. In this photograph I used a 16mm wide angle professional canon L-series lens to take this close up of the bridesmaids and groomsmen just sitting down in the limo for the trip over to their wedding location. The reflection of the bridal party looking back into the camera with the one bridesmaid still on her cell phone shows a unique perspective on an otherwise relatively average limo. I pointed my on camera 580ex flash towards the front of the limosine so that the back of this photo (front of the limo) would be nicely illuminated to show as much depth as possible. This wedding was shot at a Los Angeles wedding Location.

Hi Don,

Just a quick note to say thank you for the beautiful images and video you captured on my wedding day. You helped to make this occasion as special as it could be. Also thank you for your recommendation on the make up artist and hair dresser. They were amazing as well. Now that the wedding is over I hope we can keep in touch. Perhaps if some of my bridesmaids use your services I'll see you again at their weddings.


Jody A.
Century City

Bride gets a kiss under her veil after her los angeles wedding photography

This is a photojournalistic wedding photography shot here in the Los Angeles area (malibu to be specific). This was another really nice location I had the great fortune of shooting. In this image the bride has her veil thrown over the head of the groom where he steals a quick kiss on her cheek. The bride really has a beautiful smile. She is super photogenic as you can see. The sun shining through the veil makes the image soft and surreal looking. This couple was great to shoot for. We could have been doing a magazine photoshoot for weddings in Malibu. We used three cameras at this malibu wedding location and came back with a ton of images. There were two photographers, Hector and myself.

Los Angeles Wedding Photography

Wow Don!

You nailed it! I have to tell you my new wife cried after seeing the amazing photos you took and the wedding video. What a nice package! Everyone is real happy with your work and we'll definitely be referring you to our friends and anyone for that matter who we hear is getting married. You did a fantastic job and please feel free to use this testimonial for others to see. Your images are magnificent. You are a real creative talent Don. All the best to you as a photographer and in life.


Jeff K.
Los Angeles


Hollywood spotlight shot with a kiss for this wedding phototgrapher.
This wedding photography was shot in the Hollywood area. Hollywood wedding photographer John Armen assisted in capturing this dramatic image. Here John and I used a wedding video light in a dark room to spot light them and add this intense dramatic photo feel to the image. Kind of ironic that John is an amazing wedding photographer in Hollywood because this photo has a genuine Hollywood look to it. Photoshop was used in this image to darken or vignette the circumference of the image and a slight blur was added to the lit wall and clothing of the couple to draw the attention of the eyes to the center of the photo where all the "drama" is. It's not photojournalistic in the true sense, it still makes for a great photo.


Thank you so much for being our videographer and photographer at our wedding. You captured so many wonderful images we can't hardly make it through them all. We didn't expect anything like what you gave us. The wedding video brought tears to our eyes. I'm sure you must get this a lot. Your wedding photography is stunning to say the least. I wish everyone could have a wedding photographer like you shoot their wedding. We were lucky and feel quite fortunate for having you capture or most cherished memories.

Thanks again,

Jeff & Bhartha
Thousand Oaks

She moves in her wedding dress to head for the limo...
Wedding photograph was shot on location in the Los Angeles area. Here the bride is making her way downstairs to catch a ride to the ceremony in her stretched Hummer limousine. This photo is true wedding photojournalism. As a wedding photographer in Los Angeles I anticipated this photo coming. I really like the lines of this image and the bride walking downstairs shows off her wedding dress from a unique angle that you don't see very often. This angle really worked well for the wedding video to. I added diffuse glow in photoshop to give this image a dreamy feel. The glow is just intense enough that the brides veil blends in nicely with her wedding dress. Her maid of honor is carefully holding up her dress to prevent it from getting dirty.


I have one word for you Don. Class! Your wedding photography is pure class, your attitude is pure class, your manner of professionalism is pure class and your personality is pure class. You are truly a first class wedding photographer. The wedding photos you took are gorgeous and the wedding video really captured the personalities of all my friends and family members. We will keep this wedding video and photography in a safe place for the rest of our lives so our children and grandchildren can also appreciate it someday down the line.


Nancy and Rick H.
Studio City

Ahhh... the lighting of the unity candle at a wedding in los angeles
The lighting of the unity candle at a Los Angeles wedding location. In this photo we have a bit of candle light falling onto the groom's face with a little bit of natural daylight gracing the brides face. Los Angeles photographer John A. shot with me on this wedding. For this shot I used a 24-70mm canon L-series lens on my camera to grab a quick photojournalistic shot of this couple lighting their unity candle during their ceremony. This is one of my favorite unity candle shots because of the way they are holding the candles in such a way as to not completely block each others faces with their hands and arms. Los Angeles photographer...

I am amazed with your style and talent as a photographer. I admit since we found you by doing a search for los angeles photographer on the internet I was skeptical to hire you. I usually only go by referrals. Fortunately for me no one knew of any good photographers in los angeles, so we had to do our research on our own. I am so glad we found and chose you! You were a pleasure to have around on my wedding day and I felt like we had been friends for a while, not to mention the fabulous photography you took and fantastic video you made for us! Thanks for all you've done!


Brandy C.

Eddie and Wanda give a nice smooch for their wedding reception after the cake cutting photo
Here we have a Los Angeles wedding reception. This is the spontaneous dip and kiss that the groom gave to the bride immediately following the cake cutting. Photojournalism is what this shot is all about. Not just the spontaneity of the moment, but notice the photographer in the background grabbing the shot as well. I was in the right location for this image. I chose to convert this image to black and white for the classic wedding look and feel. Anyhow there wasn't a whole lot of color in this photo to begin with. Sometimes it's nice if that's the case to simple remove all the color to put a unique perspective on the photo.


We are no doubt going to refer you to all our friends getting married in the next year. You were so on top of it, I knew we were going to get really good photos. I happy to say that I was right. You delivered GREAT photos. You are a super photographer. I'm glad that you had the day available to shoot our wedding. I couldn't imagine having gone with anyone else.

Thanks Don!

Steven P.
Palos Verdes Estates

The bridesmaids in the background show their enthusiasm as the bride sees her groom for the first time. Sweet...
Los Angeles wedding photographer. Here the bride looks up at her groom as they see each other in the park for the first time before walking down the aisle and getting married. She is so happy. The bridesmaids look on slightly blurred out offer the perfect background for this photo. I like that you can't see the groom in this photo. This image is all about the bride and sheer emotion she has in seeing her groom for the first time at a Los Angeles park location. I like how her bouquet is framed in this photo so you can still see the expressions of the girls in the back. There was not much photoshop needed here. The groom is gently hold her hand for the first time. They were both excited about getting married. This was a really nice couple.

There is an old song called, "Thanks for the memories." Every time I look at the photography that you gave us either from the wedding album or the slideshow, or the wedding video that you produced for us, this song pops into my mind. This is exactly what you did. You perfectly caught all of our most precious memories on our wedding day and I thank you for it. Please feel free to use me as a reference if someone wants to hire you to be their wedding photographer. The praise will be all mine if they do call me, you can rest assure of that.

Thanks Don,

Harold P. M.
Redondo Beach

Bubble gum pops for this Bell Aire wedding as the bridesmaids get their pop on!
Los Angeles wedding reception. Just before the bridesmaids head off to the reception in Los Angeles, I caught some great photojournalistic/formal wedding photography of them chewing gum. The bride here got a real kick out of one of her bridesmaids who popped some bubble gum on her face. In this photo I added a slight vignette to the upper right hand corner to focus more attention to the brides reaction of her bridesmaid. These girls had really nice color coordinated dresses on which even matched their expensive flower bouquets. Then if was off to their Los Angeles wedding reception location.

Hey Don!

Wow, is about all I can say. You are the most talented wedding photographer in Los Angeles for sure. I wanted to write you to personally thank you and let you know that I will be recommending you to all of my friends and co-workers. I know plenty of people who are getting married soon and I am helping them plan their weddings. They're all calling me their "wedding planner." Perhaps that could be a new career for me. Anyway Don, thank you so much for photographing my wedding.

Susan E.
Rolling Hills Estates

This engagement photoshoot at the los angeles walt disney concert hall takes the cake everytime.
Los Angeles Engagement Photographer. This engagement photo was taken in Los Angeles at the Walt Disney Concert Hall downtown. The mirrored walls of the concert hall help to provide nice even lighting throughout the picture. Engagement photos like this are the reason I became a Los Angeles engagement photographer. I like the unique angle and wide angle lens used in this photo along with the depth of the bride hanging out in the in the back while the groom up front stares at the camera dead on. The reflections are very prominent here. The top of the photo adds to it's vastness. It seems to never end. Smile folks you're getting some original engagement photography in Los Angeles today.

Hi Don,

We're really happy with the wedding video you did for us and we wanted to personally write you a letter thanking you for your time and consideration in filming our wedding. We will be ordering more copies of the wedding video soon for all of the bridal party and our family members. Your packaging by the way is top notch. It really looks like we just rented a video from Hollywood Video or somewhere. It's very professional. Thanks again Don!

Robin & Vibhav
Manhattan Beach

As a Beverly Hills wedding photographer, this beautiful profile of a bride really captures the peace in her style
Photojournalistic wedding photography in Los Angeles. This shot of the bride getting ready in her hotel room was photojournalism as my assistant photographer made her laugh through casual conversation. The bride had just put her veil on was relaxing thinking about getting past the ceremony and enjoying her wedding reception. I snapped this shot using the preferred natural lighting coming through the hotel window. I was using my 24-70mm professional L-series canon lens set at around 70mm and managed to capture the sparkle in her eyes and that great expression on her face. Wedding photography in los angeles is almost always a good time. Also I burned the bottom and top of this photo accentuate her face.

Don, you have another satisfied customer. First off your photography is just wonderful. I didn't even know my family could look so good nor I look so thin. I was really worried about how I would look on camera and I am pleased to say that I look as amazing as I could have asked for. Second the wedding video was totally pro! I don't know how you did it, but you captured moments that I didn't even know happened. How grateful I am that we decided to go with wedding video as well as having a wedding photographer. You're the best Don. Keep it up.

Antoinette D.
Pacific Palisades

Upscale wedding photography doesn't have to be expensive even in los angeles.
Upscale wedding photographer in the Los Angeles area. The groom goes in for the kill with this wedding photo as the brides veil catches onto the breeze that's blowing. Hollywood wedding photographer Johnny A was assisting me with this shot by holding a reflector to bounce back some of the harsh natural day light that was shining down on our subjects that day. Here I chose to convert the picture to black and white while leaving the brides bouquet in color. Everyone seems to love this really simple effect. The super old Rolls Royce in the background adds to this photo and gives it a classic feel that you just don't see coming from most los angeles photographers. I honestly don't mean to boast here. It's just a matter of opinion or preference.

Hi Don,

I hope this letter finds you well. We just finished reviewing your photography on your online slide show and have to say that we are really thrilled! You did such magnificent work here! We can't wait to see the wedding video. If it's half as good as the wedding photography you did for us we will be enlightened. Don, you are a professional wedding photographer with so much personality and integrity that it makes us more than just a little grateful for your presence at our wedding. We really appreciate your services Don.


Mike & Reba P.

This photo is from a wedding in beverly hills.
Beverly Hills wedding photographer at your service. The bride was SO happy. In this image you can see the bride gazing into the eyes of her soon to be husband as he reads his vows to her. Beverly Hill photojournalistic wedding photographer. With this photo I lightened her eyes slightly so you could more easily see the direction that she is looking. The brides veil is covering her eyes nicely, but made it difficult to see where she was looking. After the wedding they scurried off to their Beverly Hills wedding reception location, which was as you might imagine a ball room affair. I like the strap of the brides wedding dress in this image. There are a handful of great Beverly Hills wedding photographers. I think you'll like the wedding images on this site.


I was very impressed by the engagement and wedding photography you did for us. I was equally taken a back by the wedding video as well. Please make sure you give us some of your business cards to have on hand to give out to others. Feel free to use me as a reference too.


Beatrice L.
Beverly Hills

A catholic church wedding in santa monica.  Don't forget the shot of their feet!
This photo is of just the feet at a traditional hour long Catholic ceremony at a Santa Monica location. Santa Monica wedding photographer Hector P. was assisting me on this wedding and helped to arrange the lighting for me to grab this shot of the bride and groom kneeling down. Being that most of the colors in this photo were already black and white I decided to convert the whole image to black and white. Mind you most wedding photography these days is done in digital, so you can shoot everything in color and then decide later if you want it to be black and white wedding photography. You cannot go the other way around, or not easily and accurately anyway. If you're looking for a Santa Monica wedding photographer please give me a call.


This is so great! All I can say is that my husband and I are absolutely ecstatic about the wedding photography and wedding video that you have done for us. A big thank you to you and your assistants. You guys did a wonderful job and we will always remember you when we look through our beautiful wedding album and watch our lovely wedding video.


Kathleen R.
Santa Monica

An engagement shot of this really great couple dancing at the walt disney concert hall in los angeles
This is another engagement photo taken by myself, a Los Angeles Engagement Photographer. Walt Disney concert hall in downtown Los Angeles always proves to be a fantastic and unique place to take engagement photos. Here the soon to be bride and groom dance on a platform in front of the shimmering mirrored surfaces of the building. I really love the composition of this photo and the expression on the man's face. Again this is another image where converting to black and white photography just seemed to be the way to go. If you need an los angeles engagement or wedding photographer then please click on the contact link above.


I'm writing to tell you and your assistants that you all did such a wonderful job working together on my wedding day. Very professional and very smooth interactions with all of you. Thank you for putting together such a thoughtful display of wedding and engagement photos for the slideshow and for all the creative angles and editing you did with the wedding video. I am very much obliged.

Karen V.
Los Angeles

Los Angeles Headshots of female actor/comedian
This is head shot of an actor/comedian that was take in Los Angeles. If you live in the Los Angeles area and need a photographer for headshots or portraits please see my contact information up above. This head shot was captured with a 70-200mm Canon L-series lens on a Canon 5D camera. It's the ultimate headshot combination. You can see an enormous amount of depth in this photo. The shallow depth of field makes her face really pop as well. Not much photoshop done here, just a tiny bit of whiting to the eyes and a boost in color saturation. Kids don't usually need much of anything which makes my job easier. Their eyes are usually white and their complexion clear. Again for a los angeles headshot photographer please contact me.


I'm so glad that I was referred to you for my headshot photography. You knew that I wasn't all that comfortable in front of the camera and you really went out of your way to make me feel as at home as possible. Because of this the headshot photos you took came out awesome! You have quite a gift in your photographic skills. I will be giving your card out to all my friends so they can get their headshots done from you as well.

Thanks Don,

Los Angeles

Actress and comedian female headshot photographer
This headshot is of the same girl above. This headshot was also taken in Los Angeles. This girl was very loose and natural on camera and had no problem to pose for the camera and just be herself. It's something we could all learn. She's only nine years old and already has this talent down. For this shot, I just had her do her thing and be easy and natural. I also shot this photo with my Canon telephoto lens which helped my achieve a great shallow depth of field to capture a nice, peaceful expression. Not much done with this image aside from a little unsharp mask and a boost in the saturation. Do you need someone to take your headshots in Los Angeles? This Los Angeles photographer is ready to work with you.

Hey Don,

Just a quick shout out to you my man! Thanks for the incredible headshots you took of me. My agent about went through the roof when she saw them. Now she wants to start sending you all her clients to get headshots done. Anytime my man, anytime! I'm sure I'll be getting some work with these. You are a gifted headshot photographer!

Take it easy,

Jimmy T

Headshot of actor taken in Los Angeles by LA photographer
This is a photo of a comedian & actor in the los angeles area. He was wanting to get new headshots done to start promoting himself. I took a couple hundred shots of him that day and ended up with some photos that him and his talent agent really liked. Here is one close up headshot taken from above. I didn't do a whole lot with this photo, just minor complexion work. Do you need a los angeles headshot photographer or do you need a los angeles commercial photographer? Please let me know if you do. Please be sure to check out my full photo galleries now that you've read through all my photo notes and testimonials. I look forward for the opportunity to work with you in Los Angeles in the near future.

Great headshots Don! I'm really happy with the work you did taking my headshots. You were the perfect match for me. Just to let you know I've had my headshot done from other photographers and none of them did anywhere near as nice of a job as you did or were as friendly and comforting. It was really easy to relax working with you.


Peter M.
Los Angeles

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